In Loving Memory



At the core of CJ's spirit lied a young man who demanded more from life. He went beneath the layers, right to the core of who you are, and loved.

He opened his heart to every person he knew, and commanded the truth - love.

CJ was not the kind of young man who went with the flow, simply because it was expected of him. As a result, he opted to struggle to find his path.

He was spunky, fun, creative, and adventurous. He wanted to travel the world, and loved knives and swords as if they were diamonds and gold.

He honored the you in you, and expected you to do the same with him. He was remarkable - Kind, yet clashing. Loving, and intolerant of hate.

He was a poet, an artist, a soldier, a son, friend, nephew, brother, grandson, and even a boyfriend.