February 8, 1995 – February 4, 2015


John died February 4, 2015 at the very young age of 19 as the result of a traffic accident.  He was born in Greeley, Colorado at 9:52 am on February 8, 1995.

John (CJ to those closest to him) touched many lives with his generous loving personality.  He loved children, and connected deeply with people who were hurting and would gladly sacrifice anything to help them.  CJ had an unbelievable relationship with his siblings; they frequently snuggled and enjoyed each other’s company.  CJ often spent time with Tim and Brooke having Lego wars, watching movies, or gaming.  Tim and Brooke looked up to CJ to build the biggest and best Lego craft, and he never seemed to disappoint them. 

Up until his life was taken, CJ relished his independence, growing from running into a tree his first time on a dirtbike and attacking willow trees on his first solo snowmobile rides, to making his Mother unable to watch his motorcycle jumps. He attacked everything with an “I can do it” attitude, and survived a brutal Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO through the summer heat. One of his proudest moments was successfully graduating from Basic/AIT, and he and his family are proud he was serving his country with the Army National Guard. He had recently found a job he truly enjoyed at Innovative Foods and was just beginning his adult life. 

Everyone who knew CJ will all miss his energetic, fun personality.  He always seemed to be the life of the party.  His out-going and brutally honest way of being was a breath of fresh air. 

Left mourning the loss of CJ are his brother and sister (Tim and Brooke), parents (Carolyn and Chad) of Roggen, aunts and uncles Jim Burmeister (and his children Ellei and Sady, Misti Burmeister and Yvette Nash, William and Rhonda Coleman (and their children Jacob and Trish), Rob and Sharel Cameron (and their children Walker and Willow), Van and Grace Franke, Kaprice Franke, grandparents (Joan Franke and Jim and Eileen Burmeister), and many, many other wonderful family members and friends in the community and across the country.  Everyone who knew him is saddened by the fact that his life ended before his time.  Our hands may have lost him, but our hearts never will.

Please record your memories of CJ by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the website JohnCFranke.com