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Create Invitation Card


Download this Invitation file from this link:

Steps Followed in this video:

Step 1: Change your slide size into A4 size.
Step 2: Use ‘L’ shape in shapes tool.
Step 3: Rotate like this & Align into Top of the slide
Step 4: Make it No outline & Duplicate it change the colour you want.
Step 5: Select all & Group Them.
Step 6: Duplicate the Group & Align into Bottom.
Step 7: Insert ‘Line’ & Goto Format shape.
Step 8: Change Shape Width into 8 pt.
Step 9: Duplicate it & chage Colour.
Step 10: Repeat the process.
Step 11: Select all and Group Them.
Step 12: Duplicate & Align them in Left and Right side.
Step 13: Add Webinar Details.
Step 14: Insert the Logo of the college.
Step 15: Use ‘wordart’ for your college name.
Step 16: Add address Details.
Step 17: Change the Font style & Size if your want
Step 18: Change the font style & colour
Step 19: Insert some image related to your title.
Step 20: Give the Organizing Department details.
Step 21: Next, Place the Resource Person details.
Step 22: Finally, Give the Event Date.
Step 23: And Give Time & Name of the App which is used for webinar.
Step 24: All it’s Done, Now you can Save the filee as PDF.
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