How to design digital wedding invitation card complete tutorial in Illustrator (online wedding card)

Create Invitation Card

Online Wedding Card 2021 | Digital Wedding Invitation Card | Cartoon Invitation Card | Whatsapp Card

Let’s take our illustrator skills to next level, In this video, we will learn how to design custom online wedding cards (step by step). You can not only gift your loved ones with these beautiful digital illustrations but also can have a wedding invitation business of yours. We will use Adobe Illustrator to design digital wedding invitation cards which you can share over WhatsApp and other social platforms to invite your friends and family.

00:00:51 – Bride’s face
00:08:08 – Bride face coloring
00:27:24 – Groom face
00:33:54 – Groom face coloring
00:42:13 – Wedding Dress
01:03:12 – Embroidery
01:07:51 – Background
01:19:28 – Typography

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