How to make an invitation card in 10 rupees! | VINTAGE CARD MAKING IDEAS

Create Invitation Card

Let us give ourselves a break from all the tough times we are going through. This fun-filled cards not only make the receiver feel valued but also has immense personal touch. All these materials should be available in the local stores of any city. Not to mention the tight budget all of us are going through. I designed and distributed 100 cards for my brother, Anurag’s engagement ceremony. This time lets ditch online invitations and greetings!

Materials –
PC to design card
Sealing Lac

Cost per card – ₹10

Breakdown per card –
Designing & printing – ₹5
Envelope – ₹1
Lac – ₹1
Jute thread, tags and flowers – ₹3

Notes –
1. Tie the knot BELOW the flap of the envelope
2. Handle lac with care
3. Stay Creative
4. Share, Like and Subscribe! 😊

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